VRM power for radio

I noticed that the connection on the VRM that is specifically labeled radio power is 12 volts. On the back of the radio, it says that the input voltage is 5 volts. Did I read something wrong or forget something (the 12V DC to 5V DC converter from past years?). I don’t recall seeing the DC converter in the Kit of Parts or on the Kit of Parts list.

The D-Link should be connected to the 5V side of the VRM. It’s possible the sticker on yours got placed on the wrong side.

The sticker is on the 5V connector on the one in the wiring document and on ours. Is yours different than the picture under Radio Power and Ethernet on this page?

The radio is 5V. Plug the D-link radio into one of the 5v 2A channels on the VRM.

Do no power any other 5V 2A devices from this VRM. Using the 12V is ok on the same VRM for other 12V devices.

If you require additional high amp 5V sources use a second VRM.

If you have any other quick questions check out http://controls.team2168.org, we have a lot of answers to most questions up there.

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I found my problem. I didn’t realize that 5V was all on one side and not green was 5V and Gray was 12V. The radio power sticker was covering up the label.

Shorts on ANY of the 5 volt ports will cause the radio to reboot in my experience.