VS Code Being WEIRD

For some reason whenever I tried using java 8 JDK it wouldn’t allow me to compile anything, but once I switched to Java 11 JDK it built.

Also when neither JDK are operating and it is saying that java.lang is not working properly and won’t allow me to do anything without throwing errors evvvveerryywhereeee.

Java 8 isn’t supported anymore, only Java 11.

Though that doesn’t explain your other error.

The VS Code language server requires a JDK to work with - if neither one is working properly, then it will rightfully complain that there’s missing information.

I think I figured it out. I went into the command line and typed in “java clean” and pressed the only option in which it restarted VSCode then everything seemed to work properly. I am still needing to test on an actual robot though. Thanks for all your help!

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