VS Code issue preventing building/deploying robot code

I’m a beginner and I’m learning how to program code in Java but have been unable to deploy/build code over to the robot.

I have done some research but nothing seems to work, any help would be appreciated!

The terminal process failed to launch: Path to shell executable “cmd.exe” does not exist.

Have you run the installer and everything according to the Getting Started frc-docs guide?

Yes, I have

Do you have any antivirus software installed beyond just the built-in windows ones? Some reports I’ve read say that e.g. malwarebytes may block cmd.exe execution. Also check that your system PATH includes C:\WINDOWS\system32 (you can test this by typing Win+R and entering cmd.exe)

I do not have any antivirus software installed that I know of and yes the system PATH includes C:\WINDOWS\system32. I am able to enter cmd.exe

VS Code runs Gradle tasks, you can run them yourself in the terminal: gradlew build or gradlew deploy. That’s pretty much what VS Code does.

This is what I get from entering “gradlew build” into the terminal

Is this another way of building and deploying code unto a roborio? Because It seems to be working, I just need to make some time to test it.

Yeah on that command line you can just run gradlew deploy. The build is successful there, so deploy should work as well.

Thank you all! I was able to build/deploy code onto the robot this way. The problem wasn’t solved, but the workaround works!

The actual functionality resides in the Gradle tasks, not VS Code. It seems that there’s a problem with the way VS Code executes the Gradle tasks on your system, but the functionality itself works properly. Is this standard Windows 10, and have you run the correct installer for your system (32/64 bit)?

This is windows 10 and yes I have run the correct installer (64 bit)

Windows 10 (Personal)*

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