VS Code Joystick Button Programming

I am a Rookie programmer, who learned eclipse NEON formatting last year, however with the new VS Code format, I have no idea how to create buttons. I am trying to program a button that when you push it on the left joystick, the pneumatic cylinders will extend and another button to make them retract. I looked at the FRC programming guide’s example code, but id didn’t work. Even the example code in VS Code didn’t work. The code format I’m using for the joystick is [frc::Joystick m_leftStick{0};] (Brackets not included). Thank You for your help!

I’ve got to the point of frc::JoystickButton(m_button* m_leftStick,1); I just need to know what to replace in the (m_button*) with.

Remove m_button*, so that it only says frc::JoystickButton(m_leftStick, 1);
The first argument specifies what controller the button is on, the second is what button it actually is. There is an image that shows what button is what number but I don’t have it right now, you should be able to find it with a quick search.