VS Code not underlining errors Java

I’m trying to use vs code, but it refuses to show errors.
That is an example where it shows zero errors for clearly broken code. This not only stops me from catching obvious problems (48 stupid errors on compile), but it is stopping me from correctly importing because it doesn’t auto import. Does anyone know the issue?

Did you use the installer to install everything, or did you just install the wpilib extension into vscode? If you did just the extension, did you also install the redhat java extension? If you used vscode, you followed the instructions to download vscode and are using the FRC vscode 2019 desktop icon, right?

Also, are you getting any popups in the bottom right corner on startup, maybe saying something like java 11 not found?

I used the installer, and yes, I’m using the 2019 desktop icon. It was working before we switched repos and copied all the files (including the .vscode).

Did you end up copying the .classpath and .project files too? You can’t do that, those files are generated in a weird way. Try deleting them, then running the Java: clean the java workspace command (might not be it’s exact name, but should be similar to that.) Then restart vscode, and see if things start working.

Yup. Where is .project? I don’t see it.

Several of our team members had this issue preseason. Make sure your computer’s JAVA_HOME variable is set then launch VSCode

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