VS.NET 2003 Configuring

Ok so Microsoft sent us this product. I know VB.NET but is there a way to configure this monster to use the C18 compiler and linker? I would much rather use the features that VC++ offers. Can this be done?

Not that I am aware of… You do not want to be using VC++ for the robot anyway. It is just the wrong tool for the job.

VB.NET? probably not. I use VB6, and all you can do is Win32 and P-code (which is sort of an extension of Win32).

Well, if you want to use VB.NET on the robot…you’re out of luck.

BUT, if you want to use VC++.NET to program in C for the robot then compile it with C18 you might be in luck.

They discussed it a little in this thread:
I would suggest PM’ing one of them on the topic. :slight_smile:

I was just stating that I know VB.NET so I am familar with the IDE. I would like to use VC++ for the job. But if it’s not possible then MPLAB will suffice. :]

you could try playing around with custom build steps, and see if those could call the appropriate command-line compilers.