VSC tools JNI error?

Installed the tools from VSC. But can’t open any of them (smartdashboard, shuffleboard etc.). Just getting that JNI error. When i try to open them from driverstation, i get “can not find script file” error.Can you give any suggestions?

We have been having the same issue for the driver station as well. To get around we just open it up manually. However, if you can’t open the application, try to run the python script.

Can’t find any icons anywhere and i get the same error when i try to open smartdashboard.vbs myself. What do you mean by running the python script?

In the same folder that holds the jars and vbs scripts, there should be python scripts in them as well. Try to run them and see if they work.

Couldn’t find any other files than jars and vbs under C:\Users\Public\frc2019\tools.

Well… that’s weird.

I know its installed on a mac, but you still should have the same stuff.

Don’t have them. Where did you download from?


Windows doesn’t have the python scripts, and Mac shouldn’t have the vbs script (I’ll fix that). They do the same thing just for their specific platforms, so changing to the other won’t help.

What is the exact error you’re getting. Can you post a screenshot?

Can’t do that but the error when I select smartdashboard from driver station is " Can not find script file 'C:\Users<username>\Desktop%Public%\frc2019\tools\SmartDashboard.vbs".
When opening from tools in VSC or smartdashboard.vbs , i get the "A JNI error has occured, please check your installation and try again "error.

The driver station error we know about, the workaround for that is currently to launch manually in vscode or the script file.

That jni error is really confusing. What version of Windows, and did you run the installer? Do you have a c:\users\public\frc2019\jdk folder? That’s likely a misconfigured jdk.

I don’t have that jdk folder. Downloaded wpilib 2019.1.1 from vsc extensions.

Use the offline installer as described in ScreenSteps. That will fix your issues.