VSCode Compilation Issues

Hi! These are just intellisense errors in the ‘problems’ tab on VSCode. When you run Build robot code, does it work?

If so, I had this problem as well: open the command palette and search for ‘intellisense’. Run the command C/Cpp: Reset Intellisense Database. The little lightbulb above your include statements should now give suggestions of folders to add to your includePath that will make the errors go away.

This is not actually a good solution. This will break many more things, because it will then attempt to use your desktop compiler as a way to get intellisense for the roborio. Future versions of the extension will portentially be explicitly deleting the file that puts extra includes into, because it breaks things.

Both of you, make sure you can build your robot code. If you can, run the WPILib C++: Refresh C++ Intellisense command. Once you have done that, and that command has completed successfully, Close all editor windows in vscode. Close vscode. Reopen vscode, and wait 1 minute. And then open your code files. Does that make includes work again?

My team is having a similar issue and we tried the solution posted on this thread. This did not make the includes work. Is there another solution to this. Thanks