VSCode WPILib "test" feature

I was just deploying our code and I noticed the"test" option in the drop-down menu. I tried it and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I also created a new ‘example tank drive’ and enabled test mode (or whatever that option with the checkbox is called) and used the test option and it still didn’t do anything. Does anyone know what it does?

I know this is kinda off topic but I never got an answer to a question that I asked a few days ago. What is the test option for below deploying code in VSCode? It seems like it just builds the project when I use it.

In VSCode a lot of the test and simulation options are still in-development this year and undocumented, I think this is one of those.

There are a few users from WPILib deveopment out here who might be able to get you a more specific answer - Jaci or Thad House or Peter Johnson are the ones I interact with most.