Vxworks doesn't apear in workbench installation

hi every one
recently i started to work with windriver products so i installed windriver workbench Version: 3.3.1 after the instalation i wanted to create a windriver vxworks project but the surprise is that i don’t have it in my drop-down window in project creation wizard i have only host os and windriver standalone(no operating system) platform 1.0 even when i switch to advanced device development perspective i can’t open VxWorks Downloadable Kernel
Module Sample Project a message appears telling me "the capability vxworks 6.x development is invalid because the undelying platform is not available this leads to unexpected results in windriver. please check the instalation " the same message appears with vxworks downloadable application simple project , i tried to uninstall and install windriver several times but no thing changed …i hope some one can help me
best regards

Are you attempting to write a program for an FRC robot?

no not exactly… but i want to do some real operating systems for ARM architecture… but unfortunately the vxworks os doesnt apear to give me the hand for that , i’m using windows vista premium , and i’m stuck there…
any suggestions from your part?

Unfortunately, no. If you were programming an FRC robot, i’d point you to the instructions on how to install the WindRiver C++ kit from the FRC distribution. These properly deploy VxWorks for two cRIO (Power PC) architectures.

But since that’s not what you’re doing, those instructions will help you not at all. I’d suggest you contact WindRiver.

thx for replying… i can be interested in FRC robot as a hobby i don’t mind if i get some resources from you… it will be a nice experience to go in such field…so u can guide me through that no problem
thx in advance