vxworks scheduler options

excerpt from vxworks_kernel_programmers_guide_6.3.pdf:

3.2.2 Task Scheduling

Multitasking requires a task scheduler to allocate the CPU to ready tasks. VxWorks provides the following scheduler options:

■ The traditional VxWorks scheduler, which provides priority-based, preemptive scheduling, as well as a round-robin extension. See 3.2.3 VxWorks Traditional Scheduler, p.139.

■ The VxWorks POSIX threads scheduler, which is designed (and required) for running pthreads in processes (RTPs), and which provides for concurrent scheduling policies for them. See 4.11 POSIX and VxWorks Scheduling, p.253.)

■ A custom scheduler framework, which allows you to develop your own scheduler. See 2.11 Custom Scheduler, p.118.

Does anyone know which of the above three scheduler options is used by the 2010 FRC LabVIEW framework?


Know? No.
Think traditional? Yes.
In fact, I would wager considerable money on it.