ah well, we’ve been using another laptop for programmming so far and now a mentor has it with him while I have somthing that is notorious for not working.

Windriver works. however, i can’t connect with the target console. I went though the default for making the vxworks target console, and it won’t work.

ip addresses for laptop =, = crio in case any want to know by tether.

anything, anyone?

IIRC, the cRIO ip address should be and the laptop should be

That might help. I’ll check it tomarrow.
Anyone else have any other ideas, more than welcome.

EDIT: IP change helped, but didn’t fix it. I have some pics of errors now.

In the meantime, my eternal gratitude to 2474 and their programmer who reconfigged his laptop just for us so that we could send new code to our bot.:cool:



Judging from the screenshot, it looks like you’re running Windows XP. This isn’t 64-bit is it? The WRS workbench is somewhat finicky when running on 64-bit platforms.

The next step in debugging is to make sure that you can see the cRIO via the network. Open a CMD box on your XP and issue a “ping” to see if you get a response. If not, then you do not have connectivity established. Use “ipconfig” from the CMD box to verify that the IP address is set to what you think it is. Anything on the 10.24.5.x net (except should be fair game. Also verify that your subnet is set to Finally, make sure that you’re not running some sort of firewall software like Norton or Mcafee as these will block the ports you’re trying to get to.



XP, running on Intel Centrino Duo inside a Lenovo. Not sure about Bit-size though.
no security software at all, it doesn’t connect to internet because we don’t use it for that
ping works, as does reimaging
and i’m pretty sure the subnet should be

Quite right on the subnet. OK, we’ve seen similar problems that were taken care of by copying the subdirectory of a working version of Workbench and copying it over the directory of a non-working version. That seemed to fix the problems. Alternatively, if your XP is 32-bit, then there may have just been an error in the installation. You might just try to reinstall and see if that fixes the problem.

Good Luck,


seeing as how the season is over, i’ll try it whenever I get the chance.

Thanks, yall.