VZ-2B17D8-048 Limit Switch Wiring

Hey robot peeps - Im the head electronics/programming guy on the LF Robotics team - I am the only one of my kind on the team and this is my first year - so I have absolutely NO experience.


I want to have a winMotor spin a wheel until it reaches the end of a cord and hits a limit switch - when it hits that limit switch I want it to reverse its direction until it hits a second limit switch which will be located at the point that it started from - when it hits this limit switch I want it to stop until it is triggered to start again by a button on the joystick.

How do I wire the limit switches? I seriously have absolutely no idea how to wire them or how to program them. The programming questions will be posted in the programming section. The switches have three pins - NC2, NO3, and COM1(Normally Closed, Normally Open, Common Ground).

Here is a picture of the switch:

I am using Java with Netbeans.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated - THANKS!

Either the Normally Open (NO3) or Normally Closed (NC2) should be connected the white wire of a PWM cable. The Common Ground should be wired to the black wire of the PWM cable. Nothing should be connected to the red wire. The Female end of the PWM cable should be connected to one of the digital inputs on the Digital Sidecar.

When in doubt, use a multimeter. At the end of the day, it’s just a switch.

Okay - THANKS a ton guys!