W3C Validation Issue

I was attempting to validate my design for this year using the W3C Validator http://validator.w3.org/ , and when it came back with the results, it gave me errors and it gave me errors and code snippets that don’t even exist (example embeded object errors on pages that have no embedded objects, and giving me errors on line “X” and line “X” has no code on it). However, when i ran the site through Dreamweaver’s W3C Validator, it came back with no errors. Anyone know whats going on??? Has anyone else had issues with validators… Also, am i doing anything wrong?? My teams site is http://www.first1444.com

James H.

I wouldn’t trust Dreamweaver’s validator. Try going through every error the W3 Validator gives you and fix it. If you aren’t sure about the meaning of the errors, send me a PM.

Personally I wouldn’t reccomend using Dreamweaver as anything other than an editor with code completion. It’s good that you care about validation though. Most people don’t.

You have multiple HEAD, BODY, and DOCTYPE tags where they don’t belong. You can only have one <BODY> and one <HEAD> tag sets. Images need to have alt="" to validate as well. Also, for your EMBED/Flash, you’ll need to use OBJECT and PARAM as well to validate.

Fixing those few things should make 95% of the errors go away.

It gave me line numbers, and there is nothing on most of those lines, and also it gave me small snippets of code that did not exist even when i searched the code. Im not sure what those parts are. I agree on the ALT tags and the body and head stuff. I didn’t notice that at first

I know this really won’t solve your problem, but I’ve noticed that Dreamweaver isn’t the greatest solution as far as design goes. Dreamweaver adds extra stuff and often names div classes stuff that you won’t remember (unless of course, you change them yourself).

Since I just hand-code (text editor or something similar), I tend to get the results I want with.

Have you tried to view your page’s source? Right click in the browser -> View Source, or page source, depending on your browser. Do you use page includes or something and mistakenly put the codes in twice?

When you are looking at your code make sure you are looking at the same code the validator is. Meaning go to your site and say view source (copy/paste it to dreamweaver so you have line numbers) and go from there. Usually it sees the code differently than the way you made it (formatting changed, etc).

Also, you can’t really rely on those line numbers. Depending on wrapping, they may be different. Your best bet may be to copy whatever it displays as the error, then use the find function (Control-F) and search that way.

Or, you can copy your code from Dreamweaver into Notepad, in case Dreamweaver is messing something up.