Wacky Autodesk Submission System

alrighty, i’ve been looking over the submission guidelines for the visualization award and find that theyre quite a bit different than last years.

firstly, the forms - they’re rather vague as to how to submit. they say mail or the new streamline system, but what’s legal? do we fill them out by hand and scan them back in to submit as word documents? pdf? image? simply fill out the forms in word?

storyboard - incredibly vague. there seem to be no requirements at all? format? nothing? wow.

credits - no point in creating/including them whatsoever?

i think both formats (mail and streamline) are legal for the animation. are the forms avaiblable of the first website?

the storyboard is no judged and therefore there are really no rules. same thing with credits. i think last year, correct me if im wrong, that the animation viewed by the judges had no credits. but it always nice to have credits to give people there credit.

Yeah, but if you did it all yourself (Like I’m actually doing) I’d suggest not rolling credits like so:


It looks kind of showboat, one line can say “Designed and created by” and then your name. Just a suggestion, last year I saw an animation like that and I was turned off by it, regardless of what the animation actually looked like.

If you seen team 340 Grr Robitics aniamtion last year they did their credits just like that. It was quite funny.

I agree here…and if you seriously have nothing left to put there, give credit to anyone who has replied to any post of yours on Chief Delphi for “inspiration”. Or something. Yes it’s absolutely amazing you did it all by yourself but you really didn’t…unless you live in a vaccuum box and in that case I don’t have to worry about you reading this post.