Wago connectors

I was wondering where you can order more power wago connectors that connect the modules and the digital sidecar to the power distribution board.

I believe AndyMark will be stocking them since they are kind of hard to find the exact ones.

Wago is a brand name that started the “spring clamp” style terminal block. There are several automation vendors that supply spring clamp or sometimes called cage clamp terminal blocks.

Unless the KOP regulates specific “Wago” brand, you should be able to obtain other brands in the same style:

Several names come to mind:

Automation Direct would be the easiest online store:
Spring Terminals

Allen Bradley offers Spring Terminals, though normally need to visit an Allen Bradley distribution house, such as in my area “Indiana” Wabash Electric, Kendal Electrical, Kirby Risk, etc.
Spring Clamp IEC 1492 Series

Phoenix Contact is another place to get Spring Clamp terminals.
Spring Clamps

Weidmuller is the Germany company terminal blocks.
Tension Clamp Style

I could probably go on and on…

Elgin is correct. Andy posted on this subject the week before last.

And so is Chris. It is good that FIRST has included this popular style of connector.

The KOP may or may not, but the early shipment of the Control System does specify the WAGO brand.

As far as a suitable replacement if a WAGO one can not be found, that is to be determined by FIRST*.*

(It is to note, that it is highly unlikely they will not be available to everyone, since AndyMark should have them available for everyone on demand - That’s the plan anyways)

Looking at past years info I would think they would only use the Wago brand just to keep things simple for the robot inspectors.

Imagine an inspector trying to check an electrical system if they have to remember which way the connectors appear when open / closed. Also how would the inspector know if a non-wago connector was rated for the correct current handling capacity?

I thought that these should be fairly easy to buy from electrical wholesalers?


Since these are fairly low current applications - he is talking about the grey thingies that go to the digital/analog/pneumatic systems = that current capacity isn’t a serious concern in this application. An amp or six shouldn’t be a problem.

As for buying them, if you need 100 of them they should be easy to order, but unlikely they are stocked items.