Wago Spare

Knowing that we will probably mess up our Wago tool some time in the 6 weeks, we would like to buy a spare.

I found this website. http://www.wago.us/products/2453.htm

Which one do we get? I know the wago tool we got in the kit seems a little big (although it works) for the smaller connectors for the camera, crio, and wireless. What size tool do you guys suggest for that?

Thanks in advance!

Honestly… i recommend taking your wago tool with you to lowes, home depot, or even radio shack and just finding a set of small screwdrivers that are about the same size. It’ll probably be cheaper than anything else, and should work just as well…

I think the one with the angled blade would make it much easier to get into tight spaces.

I’m not sure what advantage the straight one has over a normal screwdriver, so I wouldn’t spend money for a special wago tool, except for the angled blade one.

If you do get screwdrivers from a commercial source make sure that there is plastic between the handle and the head, you don’t know what could happen.

A set of precision screw drivers would work great, and is pretty handy when doing electrical work.

The Xcelite R3323 pocket screwdriver should work very well and you probably have one in your toolbox right now. BTW, adding a litte heatshrink over the round part of the blade makes it insulated.