Does anyone know where the WAGO tool is located in the kit of parts for the WAGO connector? Thank you in advance!

It looks like a small screwdriver. Make sure that every person on the team knows that it is a special tool, and not a screwdriver.

You know, I unpacked and checked in the kit this year, and don’t remember seeing one. We have a veteran kit though; check in the “rookie” box that had the cRio and stuff in it. You surely can get one from Wago, or perhaps find one of those small, cheap plastic-handled screwdrivers often given out for free at auto parts stores.

We cut the hands off anyone on our team using it as a screwdriver.:rolleyes:

Our team doesnt have issues with use as a screwdriver but it always seems to run away.

If you need one urgently you may also be able to grind down a tip of an already rather small screwdriver.

For as much as I kid around about the WAGO TOOL ™, a small screw driver will work. Coincidentally, the NI screw driver I got at the last conference works great.