WAGO: Way Go or Vaw Go?

Really dumb question that I figured I’d poll over. I have heard people pronounce the name of the power distribution terminals as “Way Go”, but my team wants to pronounce it as if it is German, something like “Vaw Go”. Which do you use? Does it come from a credible source that you are correct?

does it even matter?:confused:

Does anything in Chit-Chat?

That’s why I put it in chit-chat! :smiley:

It’s a totally frivolous post, but then again, we counted to 1000 (and beyond) and the “You’re wrong” game is still going, YEARS after it started…

Plus, I would feel stupid if I was one of approximately 5 people who pronounce it the way I do.

Eh…tomAYto, toMAHto…



Wah Go

Heard directly off Wago.us web site training module. If they pronounce it that way themselves, that’s all I need to know.

Everyone on 2815 (and 1618, and 1398) pronounced it “Way-Go”.

The more interesting arguments were around a related subject: whether it was pronounced “Wago tool” or “screwdriver”.

Also, OS X being oh-es-ex or oh-es-ten. My friends and I even called Apple to confirm that it was oh-es-ten XD

We pronounce it Way-go. I can understand Wah-go as well (I have the same issue with my name: care-uh or car-uh), but the German sounds like a stretch to me.

Our electrical guys threaten to do very bad things to us if we call it, or try to use it as, a screwdriver…

Until you consider that Wago is a German company.


=/ I didn’t thing there was another way