Wagon Steer

I’ll let the video speak for itself.


Cool concept!
Looks rather similar to 525’s 2016 drivetrain.


now build a teardrop body and you’ll have the Dymaxion!

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I like 3 module swerves. :slight_smile:
Those are some BIG modules. And a lot of ground clearance.

Didn’t 525 do this in 2016?

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Was there front wheel driven and steerable?

I like Pallet-Jack steer more

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Actually built something like this before

Pretty sure it was the back wheel.
front -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------back

So the front wheels were not driven?

  1. Can you use English correctly? I’m having a hard time understanding your questions.
  2. I am not part of 525. I did not design it. I really shouldn’t be answering any questions since i could be wrong.
  3. Your question asked where the swerve module was, not whether the front wheels were driven. At least I thought so.
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Use two swerve and two non-steer wheels and you have a shopping cart drive!

Inb4 that video someone posted recently with an actual shopping cart.

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