Waialua Team 359 Offseason EV Team win

Our other program: Electric Vehicle Team under the Electrathon America organization nationwide.
Our team has been doing this for the past 13 seasons, doing 7 national events during that time (6 in portland and 1 in new hampshire).

Several schools that we know around the nation, do both EV and Robotics.
One such team we met in Connecticut is team 178, Farmington HS.


We used to do Electrathon racing, but had to choose between that and FRC in terms of time committments and resources. I’ve got a tonne of respect for groups that find a time to a great job in both of these demanding tasks.

Do you have any photos or links to videos of your cars?


pretty please, i just got ahold of a cushman motor and am in the process of making an electric vehicle. Just for the heck of it though not for competition, examples would be great though.

i just found this on youtube, this guy has worked with a FIRST team before. He worked with a bunch of kids from a local high school to make a solar car.

i’ll post pics and vids once we download everything.
Info on the organization can be found at electrathonamerica.org.
Some of the ideas used on our vehicles have been implemented in our robot drivetrain. :slight_smile: