Wait List

How does the waitlist for Championships work? The FIRST website is somewhat unclear.

As I understand it:

The multitude of spots that are currently reserved for event qualifiers will start opening up as teams qualify twice (or teams already going qualify, or qualifying teams decide that they can’t go), as well as some spots from teams who registered during open registration but can’t make it for whatever reason. Sometime during the season, FIRST opens those open slots up to teams on the waitlist in order of signup–but if I remember past discussion correctly, it’s first paid, first in.

At any rate, it’ll probably be a while before they start moving teams off the waitlist.

I will also add that fewer and fewer teams make it off the waitlist for the World Championships every year as the number of regional/district events increases. Depending upon how far down the wait list you are, you may not get a call from FIRST until week three or four at the earliest.

And the waitlist was registered for back in December, correct? Or not. I am sadly not very knowledgeable about these matters.

There is also the formula for calculating things.

Every team that wins a Chairman’s, Engineering Inspiration, Robot Competition, or Rookie All-Star earns a berth at the CMP. There are I think about 344 berths.

What if a team went to two regionals, won a Chairman’s, an Engineering Inspiration, and a robot competition.

Then they earned the berth three times, but only can occupy one. Therefore that makes two available for wait list teams. It gets a little messy and takes time to work out.

So the best you can do is get on the list and have money in hand.