Waitlisting at Regional Events

Hi all:

What have been your experiences with waitlisting at regional competitions? Our team was recently waitlisted from a regional we usually go to every year, and we’re not sure whether to wait for a spot to open up or to register for a regional in another state.

we have the same problem. If i wait on the space to open and it does not, then the other region i can go to will be full also. FIRST indicated some spaces were held for rookie teams that might be late registering and some spaces would open up after the December payment deadline.

Don’t make your decision in a vacuum. Contact the regional planning committee and let them know what you’re thinking. They might be able to give you some information about how likely it is that you’ll be invited to move from the wait list to actual registration.

How would one go about finding the contact info to contact them?

Your Regional Director is always a good place to start:


In the FIRST website, select FRC and then from the side menu, select the regional contacts option.That will take you to another selection option in your area and is the page that is provided for you in this post. Select those and you will be provided the contact information.


It is good to browse the FIRST website and study the information provided. Might prove beneficial down the road in many areas that teams need/want support in.


California is full at all 4 of its regionals which basically means if CA teams were hoping to do 2 regionals in the state - they may find that difficult to do this year. CA has 19 new teams and I know of still a few more that might still add on. So when all is said and done - we may have around 25 new teams in CA which is almost the size of a new regional. Hopefully next year - we’ll see another regional offered in CA.

Out team was planning to do two regionals in state for once - and are having to rethink that now. Arizona, Vegas, Utah, Oregon, or Washington may be just a days drive away (a long day for most). If that is no way an option to you - be sure to let the Regional Planning committee or director know. Each regional also holds about 8-10 spots for new teams and such. In Dec, they will release those to waitlisted teams.

after talking with the regional director for Pittsburgh, i fell comfortable that we will get in. They reserve spaces for rookie teams that might want in late but she indicated eight teams on the waiting list and only a couple of rookie teams have expressed interest. If not, NC here we come again, loved it down there last year but decided to go to the new Smoky Mountain this year for a change, Like to try to take the team to different places with different teams.