Waking Up

OK, so I need some advice.

It’s really hard for me to wake up in the morning. The doctor says it has something to do with 2-4 hours of sleep, but I think hes lying…

Anyway. Here’s the deal. My mom says that she’s tired of trying relentlessly to wake me up every morning, and that she is going to stop trying. And she also said, that if I miss the bus, then she’s going to charge me $50 to drive me into school, and there is no possible way that I can miss school.

Now for the second part of the dilemma. Alarm Clock. For me to set my alarm clock loud enough for me to wake up, it wakes up the whole rest of the family, and doesn’t always wake me up. I have a surround sound in my bed, but again, this is very loud, and wakes everyone else up. This just makes them angrier.

So what should I do? The only solution that I have thought of was wearing headphones to sleep that is hooked up to my computer to wake me up on time (wireless headphones of course. Safety issues with cords.)

Any suggestions? I can’t afford too many ‘motherly’ rides into school…


How about something inside the pillow case that vibrates when it’s time to wake up?


you can make some robot that smacks you upside the head numerous time until you get up and turn it off via the backside of the robot in a 4 digit shut off code.

but, yeah. i like number 2 better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bed shaking alarm clock!


It’s the best help I’ve got.

Great Idea!

We are teamed with the American School for the Deaf, and thats what they use to wake up (vibrating blankets, I think.)

I will try this tomorrow night. Sounds like a little EE project for tomorrow!

EDIT: Forget the EE project… This is already built!


Mornings suck. I’ve always had a problem there. As of recently I have 5 Alarm clocks, and barely get up in the morning. (3 normal alarm clocks, cell phone, and computer alarm via mp3 to stereo). :ahh:

Recently I discovered this: https://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/lights/8f1a/

The most uniqe thing about that is not the mission statement, if you will call it that, of “This alarm clock will get you up. It’s alarm is louder than a jackhammer!”

It’s the “bed shaker” part that is attached to it. For less than your one time payment of 50 bucks for missing the bus, you can get this clock.

I’m going to purchase it now that finances have slowed (yay offseason lol)

Maybe make a deal with your Mom to front you some money for this, and then if it doesn’t work… idk… lol

But I’m certainly trying it. :slight_smile:

Good luck from one insomniac/deep sleeper to another.

Edit: Darn it Clark, thanks for getting the jump on me on this one. lol <rolls eyes>

Thank you so much for the suggestion. I just ordered one. I have enough dough in the old PayPal cougher to cover this… And it’s cheaper than a ride into school!

OK. Now how about thinking of some ways to have a robot wake me up… :stuck_out_tongue:


You could try getting a few more hours of sleep… just throwing that out there… :slight_smile:
Me, I used to have trouble waking up in the morning (well not waking up, just not wanting to because I felt dead tired). Then I discovered that if I left my blinds open just a crack, so that the morning light could come in as the sun came up, it allowed me to wake up much easier.

Sleep works in patterns so once you train your biological clock to wake up in the morning, it will automatically wake you up. The key is to set a schedule for yourself and follow it. The first few days might be harder but it gets easier. Read this page for more info.

Now you just have to acquire the match starting sound and I’m sure you’ll pop right out of bed every morning, autonomously carrying on with your daily routines.

I actually have a Skylight directly above my bed (I have a loft in my room. The skylight is about 4 feet from my head). This has actually helped me quite a bit since it has been installed.

Thanks for the greating reading info! Yeah, I hope that after a few weeks of using my 113dB vibrating bed device (which PayPal just accepted) that I can turn it down and let my body help get me up.

YES!!! I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!! All of those sounds are not available, at least not the official ones (I think… right?) I’m sure the CHARGE sound would not be hard to find though.

Yeah… Think of all that wasted TIME though! :eek:

But you are probably right. I’m going to bed now.


I have to say it:

Go to bed earlier.

I agree, go to bed earlier–but at the same time, consider some alarm where the ability to shut it off requires leaving your bed.

I know this works because I’m living proof. My alarm clock is on the far side of my desk, a couple of steps away over a precarious trek of Standard Dorm Room Pile Of Something. Meanwhile, my iBook (which I have an alarm set on that I use more frequently) is within arm’s reach–and it usually gets a snooze button that puts myself half an hour off the pace before I roll out of bed.

My alarm is across my room… however, I just go right back into bed after I turn it off… I’ve missed several 8AM math classes because of this… no big deal though. Heh…

A while back I remember reading about a few crazy alarm clocks, and I managed to find these again. They are pretty entertaining if nothing else. And most or all (I can’t remember) force you to leave your bed. :smiley:




If all else fails you could invest tons of money into constructing your own android that you could program to wake you up.:yikes:

In stores i have seen pillows that you can hook up to your ipod or radio how about getting one of those and have your radio come on at a certain time and have it turned up loud enough for you to wake up in the morning all you have to do is sleep on the pillow also if you have a cell phone have some of your friends that wake up at the same time as you call you for a morning wake up call that always work for me

After many years of starting work at 6AM there is no substitute for a getting to bed at a decent time. However the best way to make sure you get up on time is to have a first period gym class. Gym teachers are not nearly as sympathetic as parents or other teachers when you are late to class. This is a fool proof, no fail, method of fixing the problem permanently.

I too have a fair bit of trouble getting up, and though I don’t have it any more, I used to have this alarm clock that had “wacky wake up calls” where it had a cycle of recorded messages. It broke a while back, but having human voices waking me up instead of music or a buzzer really seemed to help!

I’ve heard of that “sonic bomb” alarm clock before, let us know if it actually works well. I could really use something good to wake me up in the morning… I’m a user of the “hit snooze until your mom comes in” method, which kinda sucks…

I have to say it, even as anti-FIRST spirited as it is, you need to try to catch a few more Z’s. Now for me though, I have found that a regular alarm modified to where the switch to turn it off is attached to a Hex Bug so you have to get up and find the switch every day in a different spot. You need a long wire, but it gets you out of bed!! Personally I have 4-5 alarms daily. I have a regular alarm, then my stereo turns on, then when it shuts off it clicks real loud, then another regular alarm. Then I sleep another 15 minutes before finally getting up.

Maybe you aren’t getting a good enough sleep because of your matress?

Some people naturally prefer firm beds, some people naturally prefer soft beds. That probably makes a difference.