Walkie Talkies?

So I know this is a little late to be asking questions, but this just popped into my head this morning. Are we able to take a set of walkie talkies to communicate things such as scouting data down to our drive team, or something like that? Will the walkie talkies interfere with any of the radios etc?

It is my understanding. No you can not use walkie talkies or any other communication devices to communicate with your drive team while they are on the field.

typically they are not allowed at regional events. This is more dependent on the frequency range. 800mhz would be in the range for interference while 2.4 Ghz would not. I would say use a cell phone if possible and if you have any questions about your walkie talkies go ask one of the IFI guys by the field if they are ok.

Walkie talkies, in any form, are not allowed at the event.
You are also required, due to the potential for interference,
to turn off your cell phone when near the field.


The use of 2.4 GHz would probably be alright except for the FIRST blanket statement about NO communications devices at the Championship.
I wonder if we could get two cans and a very long string to use for communications with the pit :smiley: :rolleyes:

Didn’t the frequency used change to 2.4 ghz from 900mhz in the radios this year?

from my memory (i dont have a radio in front of me) they are still 900mhz there basically the same radio just a different case.

How many people realistically turn off their cell phones (or any other electronic/communication device) they may have when near the field or in the stands? :confused:

No, they’re still exactly the same frequencies as in past years. In fact, old radios will interoperate with new ones without fuss.

You might be misremembering something mentioned in the discussion of why new radios were needed this year. The previous radios used a component designed for 900 MHz cordless phones. It’s the phones which are migrating from 900 MHz to 2.4 (and higher) GHz. The old part is no longer available, so more of the old-design radios could not be built.

The IFI Operator Interface and Robot Controller Radios are 900 MHz. No change from last year as far as frequency, just the case and hardware contained within.

Wayne hit the nail on the head. (The highlight is mine.)

Please, do not use walkie-talkie devices of any kind at the Championship, and never use any communication device with the drive team while they are on the playing field. These are both rules in the game manual. If you need to communicate, use cell phones away from the playing field and/or text messaging. :wink: