WalMart online with school card

We set up an open PO with Walmart again this year, and I decided to order some stuff online using the school credit card. Then I discovered that doesn’t allow payment with a Walmart community or business credit card. However, it appears from the website text that it will allow me to purchase a Walmart gift card (online) with the card and then I can use the gift card to pay for the online purchase. Huh??? Has anyone else done this?

Is there a charge for activating or using the gift card? Do school districts allow buying gift cards?

Be careful Gary. In Alabama it is definitely illegal to convert public money into anything that can be converted to cash.

Wow thanks Tim, I wasn’t even thinking it would be illegal. I’m planning on going to the local store to see if they can help me make the order.

Your book keeper can probably help. I generally give mine an outline of what I need done and she navigates the labyrinth of regulations. I’ve never had any luck at all ordering through an online system that’s not specifically set up to accept a school PO (like Andy Mark or Vex)

We’ve always done the Walmart open PO and the school credit card to pick up misc. stuff, this is the first time I’ve tried to use with it.