Wanna ask why...

I think that will be the case eventually, like HS football teams

but take for example, Alaska. How many highschools are there in the entire state? 20, 30? 60?

Would you expect all 20 teams from Alaska to fly to a regional in Seattle, as their only ‘local’ regional?

Same situation in Hawaii, N Dakota, Wyoming… local regional events will most likely be small in numbers.

I can see the advent of preliminary qualifying competitions, similar to what many states have for FLL. In Michigan, you go to one of the qualifying tournaments, and about 1/4 advance to State. For FRC, this could be modified to have two weekends of preliminary tournaments to whittle the field down to about 1000 nationally, which are then eligible for the 30 or so larger regional tournaments. You would have to advance out of at least one preliminary tournament sometime before you are eligible for the Championship “Tier” system.

Alternatively, we may get to the point where teams are limited in the number of regionals they can attend.