Want 2 cameras but dont have the $ or bandwidth? VIDEO

My students put our limelight on a servo so we can flip camera around. Its all done by a toggle switch that also inverses the drive. Our robot scores hatches on 1 side and cargo on the other.


Hey nice job! I’m trying to do a system like that as well for our week 4 comp.

I’ll get the file from my student and you can use it or modify it as needed. He worked very hard on it so please make sure you give him credit

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We did that just before bag day, and then set up another one on our practice robot. Our driver is getting used to it, finally. Our robot does HPs on one end, Cargo on the other, so it’s kind of necessary.

1678 on a budget

We also put our limelight on a servo. Worked great until it snapped off in semis :expressionless:. Printed a new mounting setup though so hopefully that wont be a problem anymore. Other than that though it was pretty easy to implement and works well.

you can plug a camera into the usb ports on the limelight if that means anything to y’all

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