Want to be linked?

Team 60 is launching a new webpage. We would like it if we could get some sites to link to. Just post them here and I will keep checking this thread and write them down. I don’t know the exact URL, but when the page gets posted, I will let everyone know! Thank you,


Oh nice!!:slight_smile: please make a link to www.team696.org I’ll be sure to put a link to your site on ours too!!!

Don’t forget:

My former team… (93)

Soap 108 is a useful site:

www.azfirst.org ( the AZ Regional website )

I’ve got a lot of programming stuff at:


Well Geek-Gear.com of course!!!

www.firstrobotics.net for their wonderful gallery of all robots being posted by teams online

www.wrrf.org and www.scrrf.org for the two west coast organization (that is if scrrf is willing to be linked)

don’t forget to put www.usfirst.org :stuck_out_tongue: and www.chiefdelphi.com, a very important part of links to FIRST websites

Also, if you are going to link to soap, link to www.wildstang.com for WASH part of scouting.

How about www.feds201.com? I can’t give you a compelling reason to right now, but you’ll want that link in about a month…

Don’t you just love secrets?

Wow! Thanks! keep the links coming, and I will keep writing them down. We are hoping that the site will be up by next week, but it probably won’t be at team60.net. Technical difficulties… don’t ask…

www.sachemrobotics.com go us…new site should be up tomorrow, just putting the finishing touches on it

2 links in my sig. Thank you!

Home of team #461 west side boiler invasion

*Originally posted by Ken L *
**Also, if you are going to link to soap, link to www.wildstang.com for WASH part of scouting. **

Thanks Ken, but right now we’re in the middle of switching ISPs, and domain names. www.wildstang.org should work in the coming days and www.wildstang.com may work depending on if we can wrestle the domain name from our previous ISP.


TEAM 5! Hope to see you ALL between the Nats, GLR, and Pittsburg!!!



http://www.team639.org - Team 639 Code Red Robotics: Ithaca, NY

awesomeness!! http://hammond.k12.in.us/teamhammond/ Team Hammond 71

Hi, this is Team 820 out of Toronto, ON
We’re in our sophomore season competing in the Canadian Regional.


Could you guys link to the Georgia Tech FIRST site. Its slowley being update and we hope it will eventually be a good resource.


Hopefully we can get our own domain name too sometime soon.