Want to buy Andymark AM-14U3 Chassis

Does any team still have a complete am-14u3 chassis kit that they would like to sell? We are looking for another one for an off-season project.

If you can’t find one from a team, you can get one from AM.

If you’re doing tank drive, the frame portion of the AM14U2 should be functionally identical for you too.

We never took ours out of the box, we will sell it to you. Send me a PM

The AM14U2 is still available here. And it’s on clearance, too! :slight_smile:

How different is the U2 vs U3?

The main difference is wheel size (4 vs 6) and gear ratios.

I don’t have the full list of changes (I’ve only been here two days!), but…

The AM14U2 will run a 6" or 8" wheel with different axle placement and belts. And since the item on the website is just the frame, you can pick the ones that work for you. :slight_smile:

I believe they’re (nearly) identical for tank drive configurations; a churro standoff hole might have moved.

Biggest differences in the frame itself was the removal of the BaneBots P220 mounting holes and the addition of mounting holes for the TB Micro. There’s also a sneaky trick on the U3 that allows you to run 4" Mecanum wheels with the TB Micros; I believe the U2 only supported 6" and 8" mecanum setups.

The AM14u2 can use 6 inch wheels with the exact same axle placement and belts , if you simply cut slots into the front and rear pieces of the chassis(not very difficult, with a hacksaw or a reciprocating saw)

You certainly can, and I know teams that did that in 2015. But without knowing the nature of the off-season project, especially given the abuse robots can take at a tournament this year, I’m a little loath to recommend that technique. (And besides, the AM14U2 is only sold as a frame–so you have to select belts.)

As an offseason project, you could also try to learn how to build a non-premade kit drive train. Something like the Versa Chassis would let you layout your own drivetrain and frame design. You don’t need anything beyond hand tools to assemble one. The ability to adjust your frame perimeter to a particular games challenges can be a very valuable capability.

The 2015 Chassis is $74 today only…


Might be worth the hassle of the slight difference to save a few bucks.