WANTED - cRIO NI 9472 Solenoid (Relay) modules, to repair our chassis

We’re seeking some cRIO Relay (Solenoid) modules, to replace some missing ones to get our two cRIO chassis running again. (and CD-Swap is gone now… Darn!) We’re a well established, 14 year old team, with LOTS of stuff on hand to trade.

Does anyone have any Relay/Solenoid modules they can part with?
(Hopefully along with their associated solenoid breakout boards, but we can deal with that issue separately if need be.)

If so, what would you like for them?

BTW… Please use the “send email” link below (and NOT CDF IM) to reply to me directly, vs posting to this thread.

(Story - We “shot for the moon” and went for the 2014 3D printer lottery, which tied up ALL of our FIRST Choice points. So, we didn’t have any FC points left for the cRIO modules we also needed. Even though this is Kickoff Day 2014, all of the FIRST Choice cRIO modules are already “sold out” for 2014 by the time we got back to look for them, so that’s that… {sigh})


  • kmcclary

For reference, they can be purchased for $89 by calling NI: