Wanted: End-to-end FRC control description

Does anyone know where I can find an end-to-end description of the FRC control system? It would need to show:

  1. End-to-end from (joy stick movement) to (driver interface), (across the wireless link to the cRIO) to (digital sidecar) to (victor or other controller) to (motor)

  2. End-to-end from, say a sensor or cRIO (i.e. battery voltage) back to operator display.

  3. What the signals look like (i.e. if digital, what format, if PWM, pulse descriptions, if motor drive from controller, what that looks like) at each point.

  4. IP addresses (or IP addess templates) of each device

  5. Differences in signal paths at competition and during development.

  6. At a low enough level to be independent of programming system (Java, LabView, etc.), but high enough level to understand how messages get across the system.

  7. Any other info that would help with giving a quick leg-up on how the control system works.

If all this already exists in some document, would you point me to it?

I’d like my team to have more than a cook-book understanding of how the control system goes together, and I think other teams might benefit from this, too.



Some of this information was explained on a poster that FIRST included in the kit a few years ago. I don’t really know if they continued doing so, or updating it. I’ve also seen comprehensive slides prepared for kickoff events by various teams such as 190.

Greg McKaskle

Check this page:

Most of the information you are asking for is in these documents. I would agree that the salient information that you are asking for could likely be rolled up into a single “infographic” or poster (now there’s an idea for what we should do with our media team…)

Perhaps this might help as well:
2009 Control System Paper