Wanted Simple remote control for DC motors

I was gifted a stack of small DC motors (3V to 6V motors about 1.5 amps stall at 6V) and would like to use them in some maker space projects once we get opened back up.

I’m looking for some simple wireless remote controls that will let me run the motors.

  • Will do least 4 motors - 6 would be a huge bonus
  • Does not need to be proportional control, simple on - off will be fine, but does need to be reversible
  • Receiver / motor drivers support 6 volts at 1.5 amp stall (I’m planning to run these off 4 AA battery stack)
    (4 x AA Compact Battery Holder - $0.89)
  • Transmitter distance of about 15’
  • Game pad type interface with buttons or joystick - I found a ton of 4 channel controllers, but they are all keyfob style controllers

Thanks for any leads!

Here’s a new one - I recently purchased a couple - 8 channels and a nice set of controls, and a much smaller remote with a rechargeable battery. I have not used yet.

Here’s an older one - I’ve used this several times, to good success. Larger remote unit, 6 channels, only levers and knobs - no buttons, uses AA batteries.

These will get you pwm signals on the robot - you will still need motor controllers.


A bunch of us at AndyMark used the T8S for our Fight Night robots! I ran my old robot on the cheap and dirty, and new robot on the T8S, and I have to say, I actually really enjoyed the T8S a lot more. Plus the programmable aspect of it was pretty sweet.

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Also, as @Nick_Lawrence mentioned over here we have a new Powerpole based power distribution board which is great for small projects like this as well.

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