Wanted: Team 2077 looking for old-style PG-71 gearmotor with encoder

These were part of First Choice for several years. In 2017 they were numbered fc17-017 I think. They look just like am-0914, but with a backshaft motor and hall-effect sensor.

Does anyone have one around they’d be willing to sell us?

We’re not looking for alternatives just now, just a matching one to complete a set on a practice drivetrain we’re working on.

Thanks all.

Can you post a photo?

Just to confirm, you are looking for this but for the PG71, not the PG27?

Yes, PG-71.

I don’t have access to the robot now, but it looks like https://www.andymark.com/products/aussie-sku-pg71-planetary-gearbox-with-rs775-motor, but with the encoder on the back of the motor as in NathanNFM’s picture. And no (as we found out), you can’t just buy the encoder and put it on the am-0914, as the motor itself is different (long backshaft).

It should certainly be possible to build one piecewise, but I’m hoping to just find one already assembled for ease and speed.

I think we have some left over. Let me look tonight when I am at the shop.

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If these are what you’re looking for they’re yours for $8 to cover shipping.

PM sent.

Thank you!

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