War Wagons

My team is interested in the war wagon (tool/robot cart) designs that other teams have. What are the best you have seen? Were they custom or purchased? Pictures and any available information would be appreciated.


i believe they build them. at least that’s what my team is going to do (i think).

the wagons look al very different and most teams built them themselves I believe. There is no specific thing that I can tell you about it except for make it big enough for a robot and important tols. Some teams even incorporate a stereo-system in their wagon, that’s cool, but only feasable for teams with a lot of dough!

Make sure that the wagon would also be able to hold robots for next year, not only this years (This is my first year, I’m not sure if robot dimesnion change slightly, maybe someone can post about that?!?)


team 48 has had the best war wagon ive ever seen…

it perfectly combines form and functionality…
-its maintnance platform is mounted at the perfect height to allow for easy access to the robot
-its steering sytem has a negative degree turning radius
-the wheels can easily go over any cords or other small obtrusions without becoming hung up
-and of course the decorartoins are top of the line…
-there are five separate neon lights
-a full color scrolling marquee mounted on the top
-chrome plated wheel hubs
-pimp-tastic caps on the air valves
-it is made totally out of extruded aluminun and smoked lexan
-it is powered by two 12 volt car batteries

oh yeahhh its got its own fully interactive user interface including an electronic horn and a complete security syatem and alarm!!!

DELPHI>>>>ELITE at its finest… we ARE ELITE

Can you get me a picture of team 48’s cart? thanks!