Warcraft III - need help

There must be tons of ppl in here that play WC3, mebbe u guys can help me out :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble with one of the missions in the Orc Campaign - the mission where you gotta bring 2 Goblin Zepplins back to your base… and the Warsong clan keeps suiciding tiny squads of guys at the human villages.

Is there any way to get to the Goblin Laboratory without passing through the Blue human base? Even when I max out my supply limit, I can’t destroy the village, and when I try to slowly kill them bit by bit, I eventually get waves of Humans double-teaming my base.


sorry, i havent read the question yet, but Mark, from team 814 is here in my room, playing WC3 right now…

I find this rather amusing…

sorry but i havent finished the human campaigns yet but when i do maybe ull have figured it out so that i wont have any problems with it. anyways you should play warcraft3 on bnet cause its so much more fun and challenging that the single player missions.

stop by channel ff3 and say hello to CyanGaramonde (me) or General_Celes (buddy of mine). also we will soon (hopefully :slight_smile: ) be releasing final fantasy 3 map for wc3. were planning to do it in 2 parts and from what we have got planned for it it should be lots of fun and very cool.

My general strategy for overtaking any of the bases is to get a group bound to a key or two (12-24 attackers). I usually have the hero, a few ground attackers, a couple far attackers, and a couple siege weapons (catapults). Start with the beginning of the base… just select the entire group, click the attack button, and click an empty area on the ground. They’ll attack all units in the area, then work on buildings.

Use your seige weapons to destroy guard towers first, then send in the troops. They’ll pick out a target…

That’s usually enough to take out any base. On that particular mission your life will be a whole lot easier if you attack the guys on the far right first. They don’t have a very difficult base to defeat but they send out a lot of people.

Though, it depends on what you upgraded your hero with first. Your hero can help your units greatly when he attacks with them if you upgraded him correctly.

Except for that mission where you have to protect Kel’thun. Then there’s the final mission of the game… ugggh, that was a bitch.

The credit sequences are very funny though :stuck_out_tongue: Beat the final mission on hard and there’s a little more to the credits than on normal.

sort of related, but not quite…

I got War3, played it, and typical to my H4x0rish self, i decided to play with its resources. I found the model files and got them into 3ds max, but i can’t bind their textures correctly. Any ideas?

Lol VanWEric :slight_smile:

Thanks Jnadke, actually I managed to beat it basically like that… after failing again, and then realizing that catapults were essential. And yea, that last Undead mission was a biznatch!

VanWEric, do you mean for bump mapping?

If so, i need to buy war3…bump mapping rts…

No – i found the model files in the .mpq s, and i found their textures. It is just that the textures dont fit on the models – if you look at them, the body is in one place, the arms are in the same file but next to it etc so i was wondering if anyone managed it successfully

I think I know what kind of texture file that is, although I don’ know how to use it exactly. Basically all the textures of the model are in the same image, and the model is told what parts of the image to use on what surfaces. The files isn’t just wrapped around the model like a material. Is that what you’re talking about?

Yeah, that’s how they do some of the textures in half-life and cs. I also believe thats how they do winamp skins, but I haven’t tried that. Could be the same with warcraft.

It’s probably similar to this picture below…

It’s 2 bmp images from part of a MS Flight Simulator 2002 Pro plane…

(if u want to see it just copy and paste the link)


Yeah, you guys nailed it. Do you have any idea how to use that though?

Maybe if you get desperate to find out about the “concept” you can look here


probably under the Aircraft Design forum…i’m sure if you ask maybe someone will be able to tell u have this texture technique works…

PS. Sorry it’s not for WC3, i’ve never played it…


That started back in the old Quake engine where they first used 3d models mainstream in games. They used bitmaps and referenced specific coordinates and mapped them to the model, since bitmaps are pixel-by-pixel.

Ever seen a 2D map of the earth? That’s how you map curvature. Kinda difficult to map the earth, which is made up of a continuous curve, without using curves.