Warermark on Andymark EVO shifters

Does anyone know (if anyone from Andymark is out there, please answer) if there is a watermark on the EVO shifter Gearbox From Andymark, preventing people from taking the CAD of it and making it themselves (off bearing holes, wrong sized holes, etc.). we are looking into water jetting the plates for the EVO shifters.

Try emailing andymark directly - they are very good about responding

Hey Cole,

Nope - the CAD files we post on our website for the EVO Shifters are the CAD files we send to our vendors to get the plates made.

If you’re going to water-jet it, you may need to post-ream the bearing holes, as well as the CIM center boss holes to get rid of the taper from the water-jet table.

Good luck!


Awesome Response from an Awesome Vendor!!!