WARNING - buying 5" Fuel Balls from outside vendors.

Fuel is not cheap ($78 for 36 balls on AndyMark), but be careful if you order from another vendor. Many sports shops size their balls by circumference. So the 5" balls you think you ordered might only be 1.6" in diameter. :frowning:

Thank you. I wish I had seen your caveat before I too was mislead…

#firstgolfworks, anyone?

Any particular sites that have this misleading info?
We are still waiting for our balls from Gopher to arrive. Hopefully they didn’t make the same goof.

As a general rule, most spherical balls are sold by circumference, not diameter. Dodgeballs are a notable exception to this. I’m pretty sure it has to do with inflatable balls, but honestly I haven’t looked into it too deeply. I would guess with some certainty that if you ordered wiffle-type balls from any normal sports vendor that were labelled at 5", you will have this problem.

An example: Franklin Sports MLB Indestruct-A-Ball Micro Baseballs (12-Pack), 4.95-Inch, White

I ordered them on Amazon and then saw the lead post.

I suppose the assumption I and others made was that, “of course the dimension is its diameter. It’s a BALL!” We tend to think in those terms because it has to fit through an opening or be shot between a roller and a fence or…

Anyway, most folks can’t accurately measure a diameter, but they can grab a seamstress tape or wrap a string around it… So I suppose that’s the reasoning. Still doesn’t make sense to me :slight_smile:

Wasn’t expecting a Zoolander reference on Chief Delphi today. Then again, I made a Master of Disguise reference yesterday, so maybe CD is a little crazier than I thought.

but they’ll work great in your 1/3 scale prototypes!

Personally, I can’t believe things marketed as golf balls don’t magically transform into a softball size when shipping.

Gopher shouldn’t make the same error as they’re the ones supplying the game pieces.

You’re going to be waiting for a while. I ordered immediately after kickoff. The website said “Shipping Soon” before ordering and “Estimated Ship Date March 18th” after ordering. The order confirmation e-mail said Estimated Ship Date February 10th. So, I called about a week ago, spoke with a nice lady on the phone, and she informed me they would not be in stock until April. So, I canceled my order.

I suggest you call. They’re cheaper at AndyMark anyhow, and they actually have them to ship.

We ordered on kickoff day. Got the confirmation that Monday. Got a “order changed” notice three days later. Then just got shipping notice this Monday.

And I paid a bit extra through Gopher because I thought Andymark would be slow! HA. I’ve gotten all my AM stuff in two days.