Warning: No Function Prototype

MPLAB warns me that I have not prototyped my functions when I have…anyone else had this experience? Doesn’t prevent my code from compiling or working, though.

Where are you prototyping your functions? It shouldn’t complain if you’re putting the prototypes in user_routines.h.

I get the same thing… not sure what it means but it still lets me compile… maybe i should be worried about it :slight_smile: It happened after I put in the adc code.

That’s where I’m putting them.

Make sure whatever C file you’re working on actually includes the user_routines.h file - if you added more files to the project, you might have forgotten to include the headers. If that’s not the case, check your spelling and argument lists - I always goof up on something silly like an extra underscore or something…

Also, if you prototyped a function with no parameters, you need to put a void for the paramter list e.g. void a_function(void); instead of void a_function();

That sometimes screws me up.

Try building everything from scratch (Ctrl + F10) and see if the problem disappears.

Not sure what Function you are trying to use but I got this message last night and it took me forever to figure out what it was.

I was using printf statement in user_routines_fast.c to see if auto-mode got to a section of my if statements or not. Come to find out they didn’t #include <stdio.h> for that file.

Not sure if this is the same problem maybe. Worth a look that you are including the right file for the function you trying to use.