Warning to those driving recklessly!!

I don’t post on here much anymore as I’m tied up with school and work, but I want to warn others.

Friday night, around 10:30PM, after the Lakers game, my parents got in a car accident, t-boned by a motorcyclist going 65-100 in a 40 zone. They hit on the passenger side door, which was where my mom was sitting, and they had to use the jaws of life to remove her from the car. Fortunately she has no broken bones or major injuries. She is still in the hospital though because she had an irregular heart beat, but it’s back to normal for the most part. They just want to hold her for a bit longer to make sure she is okay. My dad in the driver seat was fine, and the guy on the bike has a collapsed lung and his friend has a broken wrist. My dad’s car was a '93 Camry that was totaled. Some suspect that the driver of the bike may have been drinking that night, impairing his judgement.

Please, don’t be reckless or drink and drive. It’s stupid, puts your life at risk and puts others at risk. And please keep these people in your prayers.



I am thankful that your parents are in good health, and that the motorcycle riders are not dead :confused:.

I ride a motorcycle, and I’m surprised that an accident involving speeds of over 60MPH, and a passenger, in which the Motorcycle runs dead on into a car didn’t result in a fatality. They usually do.

Your parents are OK because they were surrounded by 3,000lbs of Camry. That motorcycle rider had no such protection.

I just cannot see why people drink and drive at all, but ESPECIALLY motorcycles. Not only are you putting other people in danger, but just by sitting on the beast, the odds of debilitating and fatal injury are already stacked against you, so why add alcohol to the mix?

Human life is fragile. Once you expire, there’s no re-animation. Just be real careful out there, please - there’s enough death on the highways already.

Glad your mom and dad are OK.

It appears that the cyclist hit a glancing blow, coming in from the right at about a 45 degree angle and sliding along the car towards the back, the handlebar taking out the rear door window and the rest of the bike (like the steering column) doing that damage to the rear roof pillar (called a “C Pillar”).

That angle blow is likely what saved their lives - a decent amount of the crash force was spread out over time, and then they likely rolled over the top of the car’s trunk. All that energy dissipated wasn’t put into their bodies as projectiles. It is likely they were wearing protective clothing as well, but I can’t tell.

If they were drunk, I have no pity or tolerance.

Worth repeating: Be careful.

Thank goodness your family is ok. Overall, it could’ve been much worse for all involved. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery.

Thanks for the reminder to the rest of us. As the school year comes to a close, as it is every year, I see more than my share of reckless drivers blowing off steam in ways considered unsafe. As **Don **said, human life is fragile.

delays getting drivers license

No, wrong direction. Driving, like most motor skills (no pun intended), improves with practice. Drive, drive a lot, as much as you can. Supervised is best. Learn the physics of handling. Take a race-driving class, it’ll teach you how to manage unexpected situations better, and how to drive in bad conditions. But, if nothing else, drive a lot.

By the time you turn 25, you’ll be a decent driver - but not if you start at 24!

It’s miraculous that no one died. I hope that your parents and the cyclist recover soon.

Also, this seems like as good a place as any to mention this, but drinking isn’t the only thing associated with accidents that you should avoid. It still baffles me that they haven’t made it against the law to drive while talking on a cell phone. I know it might seem inconvenient to have to wait to send a phone call, but to distract yourself while driving is not only a great way to get yourself killed, but also puts everyone around you in danger. Hopefully that wasn’t too off topic.

CA bans it, unless you have a handsfree device.

And I got my license at 18, after getting a lot of my driving practice (on my learner’s permit) on the Southern CA freeways.

I’ve seen my share of accidents, mostly those I wasn’t in. You have to drive safely, even when nobody else is.

It is in Indiana, for people under the age of 18. Not sure why they put that age limit, seems rather unsafe for any age.

More on topic though.

Personally I prefer my drunk drivers on motorcycles. There is a better chance of me not dieing for their stupidity. I know, some say that is cold to say, but that is the chance they take when they do stuff like that.

Final note: I am glad to hear that everyone is somewhat ok. I can relate to how scary a car accident can be, I’ve been in 4 in my lifetime. 3 of which I was driving. All of which the other driver was found responsible. That being said, I still feel somewhat responsible. I’m sure any driver involved in an accident feels this way at some point. You just got to get back on the rode and hope for the best. Good luck to everyone reading this that this doesn’t happen to them.

Drive safely too, even undrunk, since the snow has gone I have seen some people pulling some close calls. Cutting infront of busses(which will win), not stopping at stop signs(in fact speeding up and then showing inappropriate gestures at me for not going) and more. Yes the snow is gone and the weather is nice, doesn’t mean slack off.

One of the safest things to do is to create a large gap between you and the vehicle in front of you. It’s nice having plenty of time to make any maneuvers to avoid a collision (avoiding the use of the word ‘accident’ because like Simon Pegg’s character in ‘Hot Fuzz’ said “accident implies that no one is to blame” :cool: ).

I have a crude saying about people who like to tailgate, but it doesn’t need to be repeated here.