Warped Robot Frame Fix?

What would be the best way to fix a warped robot frame? Does my team need to replace ours entirely?

Depends how warped it is, and what is causing the issue. You won’t need to do a total replacement, but the process could involve replacing parts, yes.

First question: Kit frame, or custom? (Please, please, let it be the kit frame…)
Second question: It it just not sitting level, or is there something else (obviously-bent structure, etc)?

If it’s the kit frame, or the parts are bolted together, you may be able to undo the warp by loosening the bolts and readjusting. You may need to take a piece out and hammer it straight (you’ll want someone who is good at doing that sort of thing already). If it’s really bad, replacement parts for the kit frame are available from Andymark.com.

Do you have a picture? Kitbot bends are relatively easy, with a custom frame you may have done a Very Bad Thing.

If it’s a custom frame, you may be able to get a hammer and some blocks of wood and hammer it back to normal. After we weld our frames, we typically check for flatness on a granite table, and then hammer/ clamps to straighten them just right. We typically have a slight twist in them in the end but not that noticeable. Is this a new frame or this past season’s frame?


Post up some pics of it, let’s see the carnage! :slight_smile:

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