Warped Tour 2008 Camden

Anyone in the Jersey area going to the 2008 Warped Tour stop in Camden. If so it’d be awesome to hang out. And for all those hardcore people out there maybe even get in the pits. I will be there with my friends and Shelby(maybe) and we are always down for accepting new people to the group ^_^.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to go to Warped Tour. But I think I’m going to the one in Englishtown - it’s a LOT closer.

I’m definitely going to warped tour… now its just a matter of getting my friend to go into the camden areaa… lol:] i hope i get there and we can soo chill:] lol

Depending on what bands will be at each site, Englishtown / Camden I will be at one or the other and more likely then not at both.

I’m tempted to go to the Milwaukee one just to see P.O.S., but I’m not sure if its worth it to see one person then leave…

I’m probably going to the one in Hartford CT since it’s actually in my state this year! HA! :smiley: YAY!