Warren Robotics Team 829 Robot - Lynn

Here is a video of Warren Robotics #829 2008 robot - Lynn - test runs at the East Central Indiana Robotics Practice Invitational - February 17, 2008


cool bot.

i like the amount of control you seem to be getting when grabbing the ball. Ive noticed alot of bots that are counting on being able to scoop the ball, but you thought of that and designed a system to reach out and take it and maintain control, which i think is going to be a big time saver when there are 6 bots on the field. Nice job!

I like wheele-wheel that comes out the back when the arm is raised. That will help keep it stable. Very ingenious.

There were some other interesting bots in that video. What is the number of the team with the “C” shaped roller grabber? That robot looks almost exactly like ours. I would be interested to see how well it did.

There was also a robot that looked like it was 4" tall :ahh: That’s about the shortest robot I have ever seen!

Any other videos of the scrimmage would be much appreciated.

Thanks, after our drivers get more practice we should be able to pick up an hurdle the ball without stopping. We also have a plan to modify the shooting system so we can be far enough away from the overpass as to be able to drop down and go under without stopping or backing up.

Looks good. We got to see a picture of the “sail-bot” too.

And who is that flat little thing? How are they going to attach bumpers to it, let alone a flagpole?

I’m not real comfortable revealing the names of others robots. A couple can be easily figured out.

The small bot was just a test platform that was being used to give some drivers experience.