Was Obama at awards closing cermony??

I was checking Blue Alliance and it said Obama had won a award in Detroit. For anyone who was there, did he accept the award in person?

No, he did not. There was a video of him awarding Obama the award a couple of days ago.


Er, a couple months ago, on November 8,2017 to be precise, at a gala in NYC.

The one question I had about this award was, did Obama actually do anything to “make it loud”? Maybe I seriously missed something, but aside from the White House science fair (which included a number of programs outside of FIRST and didn’t really promote the idea of Robotics as a Sport) and the prerecorded messages at Champs, I don’t recall any other promotion of FIRST he did during his time in office (or since). But like I said, maybe I just missed something? ::rtm::

Dean said a couple days ago (Monday, Championship started Tuesday)…

Maybe he was drunk again?

Remember in Houston he said he had enough beer to tell the truth. So maybe a couple of days ago is just his normal means of telling us things. :slight_smile:

Quoted from the FIRST newspost:

President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, received the “Make It Loud” Award for his significant contributions to raising awareness about FIRST among the general public and helping spread the mission and impact of the organization. Obama has been instrumental in supporting FIRST for nearly a decade. At the start of his first presidential term in 2009, Obama launched the “Educate to Innovate” campaign to support hands-on STEM education. He began the tradition of the White House Science Fair, where he honored FIRST students at each annual event. His commitment to the mission of FIRST has continued post-presidency. The Obama Foundation’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance is inspiring youth in STEM education and helping provide clear pathways to opportunity.

As ex-prez he has more potential to supportSTEM and FIRST in particular. He has no congress to worry about or the whole political crap to deal with. He (in fact any ex-prez who is willing to) can raise funds for education and support programs. Mr. Carter is supporting his cause peacefully.

Hmm, maybe I incorrectly assumed the award was geared more specifically at FIRST programs than STEM in general.