WASH scouting fields

Ok, I promised Ken I’d post this list this weekend, so here it is. This is beta version of the scouting data WASH will gather this year; we will finalize the list soon. Please feel free to offer any suggestions or comments and we’ll consider working them in.

In order to improve scouting for all teams, I suggest that everyone shares what they’ll be scouting when watching matches. That way others can pick the best of everyone’s list and come up with their own, or teams can pool their resources and scout together or share data.

Field                                   Type

Event ID                                String
Team Number                             Number
Match Number                            Number
Field ID (Nats only)                    Field Type
Scout Initials                          String

First move                              First Move Type
First move Performance                  Rating
Common move                             Middle Move Type
Common move Performance                 Rating
Other move                              Middle Move Type
Other move Performance                  Rating
Last move                               Last Move Type
Last move Performance                   Rating

Time to goal                            Number
Traction/Strength                       Rating
Maneuverability                         Rating

Time to pick up load of balls           Number
Time to score load of balls             Number
Number of balls per load                Number
Ball removal rating                     Rating

Which goal grabbed first                Goal Type
Time to grab goal                       Number
Number goals stolen from opponent       Number
Number goals stolen by opponent         Number
Max Num of goals held at once           Number

# of goals held onto at end             Number
Robot position at end                   Position Type
Fell over                               yes/no
Broke                                   yes/no
Comments                                String
Time Scouted                            Time Type

Low Priority (probably won't use)
Speed with goal                         Rating
Scoring accuracy                        Rating
Human player accuracy                   Rating
Which goal grabbed second               Goal Type

Rating is:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Task Type is (needs to be defined better):
                               First   Middle    Last
collect & score balls            X        X       X
grab goal                        X        X       X
steal goal                       X        X       X
move goal to scoring zone        X        X       X
move goal to human player        X        X
anchor with goal                 X        X       X
load human player balls          X        X       X
push robot                       X        X       X
play defense                     X        X       X
dash for endzone                                  X
stretch for endzone                               X
remove balls from goal           X        X       X

Goal Type is:
near & middle
far & middle

Position Type:
still don't have a good definition

PS: If you don’t know what WASH is, look through my recent posts and you’ll find a lot of info.