Wasn't at Championship but heard a rumor about no 4 wheel carts??

Is it true that you were not allowed to use your 4 wheel carts to bring your equipment into the building? Someone told me there was some union rule that made it so teams could not use their 4-wheel carts to bring equipment into the building. Is this true? What are the details here?

Not true.

You might be hearing a distorted report of a brief incident. There was apparently a misinformed volunteer at team load-in on Wednesday evening. Teams were being told they could take in only what five people could carry by hand, with no carts or other wheeled items. This was quickly corrected (though “quickly” is a subjective measure when teams are waiting in the rain).


I saw something exactly like this written in the rules for the college flying competition-- in fact four wheeled carts had to be brought in on two wheels, or on two wheeled carts or something similar. I too thought it must have been a union related restriction, but don’ t recall reading anything similar for FRC. Maybe they got a waiver of some sort for FRC, due to its impracticality.

I do know some union folks noted that we had re-arranged some of the ‘pipe & drape’ behind the inspector tables-- we weren’t suppose