Watch Dog not fed?

My team and I are trying to get our autonomous working. After we upload code and enable in autonomous mode it give the error “Watch Dog not fed”. What does that mean. If you could point us toward another thread or give us any help we appreciate it.



If the robot works fine in teleop, it likely means that the autonomous code completes and is no longer looping, feeding the watchdog.

If you place a target in front of the robot, slightly off to one side, the default will rotate to face the target. The comments in the sample code may help guide you towards completing the routine.

Greg McKaskle

If you can find where it stops, you just need to feed the watchdog there. In java, it’s done like this:


After further testing it seems to take about 15 seconds before the watchdog gets fed. After that happens the autonomous works fine. Anyone know what causes the delay or how to get rid of it.

Are you using Autonomous independent or iterative?

hello we r team 1946
we had the same issue but we realized that we made the mistack of putting our code before the


so make sure the whatchdog is the first function in the class