Watch FIRST Now (webcast aggregate)

Last year we launched a website to allow users to easily view multiple webcasts simultaneously. We’ve relaunched it with a cleaner interface and some new features, now at

Current webcasts:

  • Smoky Mountains
  • San Diego
  • Greater Kansas

More week one regionals coming.

Current features:

  • Resizable dialogs
  • Save position, size and stream states
  • Minimal interface
  • Lock stream position

The convention center doesn’t have WiFi, so due to that constraint and time, the following features will be available for week two:

  • Global score board
  • Individual stream scores (latest match score below stream)
  • Minimal mode which toggles UI components for better viewing
  • Check for new feeds without refreshing page

Alternative Smoky Mountains regional stream, Granite State and Alamo have all been hosted.

This would’ve been fantastic earlier today when I had 3 different devices set up so that I could watch all at the same time. Thanks!

Added a match results dialog which includes the number of coopertition points, teleop and hybrid points, bridge points and foul points.