Watch Muskegon Go!

Last month, the local collaboration of the Muskegon area FRC teams worked together to apply for the new Celebrate Community Prize of $10,000 from the Muskegon Community Foundation. After becoming one of 30+ applicants and making the top four finalist selection, Muskegon FIRST Robotics was selected as the winning non-profit organization.

You can check out a local news article here:

The MARS Rovers would like to thank the other Muskegon Area teams who helped put this all together!

Lastly, as the thread title reads Watch Muskegon Go (our city’s new motto), we would like to tease a new project that the Rovers have been advising the past few months. The Muskegon Community College, in partnership with the Community Foundation, will begin construction of a new Technology Center in the Muskegon area which will include a Fablab, Makerspace, and an official community hub for FIRST robotics in the Muskegon area. Again this is simply a peek into the project. As final plans are worked out in the next few months, we will be excited to release more information to the community.