Watch Now! Purdue FIRST Design Reviews

A design review is taking place tonight for all three Purdue FIRST teams - Teams 461, 1646, and 1747. We welcome you to watch in on the presentations and feel free to ask questions as well in this thread.

This link is here:

[Emphasis mine.]

When exactly will this take place? I tried the link and received a message saying “Off air”.

Also, what exactly do you mean by “design review”? I have an idea of what it could be, but I’d like to know what this really is. In any case, it sounds interesting!

I apologize for not specifying a time, I was recording them anyway and figured hey, why not just show them on ustream, which I now know is really nifty. They were on from 6 till about 7:45 tonight, I plan on uploading the videos at a later date.

And by design review, we mean a critique and showcase of the team’s designs, CAD files and overall strategies.

If Ryan gave me a little bit more notice when he has these good ideas I could arrange for an Ethernet port instead of streaming it over the wireless. I’d like to see more of the Purdue FIRST meetings and presentations streamed/recorded for the FIRST community.